No More Comments!

Last March I made a covenant with the Lord to write three blogs a week about the gems I have discovered in His Word concerning living the Christian life.  I have faithfully done that, and intend to continue my blogging.  I added a comment page to the site to get feedback on the posts, and I intended to converse with my readers regarding questions they might have, or pertinent comments.

Unfortunately, most of the comments I am now receiving have nothing to do with the blogs I write.  I estimate that 90% to 95% are spam!  For a few weeks I have been trying to view each comment and individually either approve appropriate ones or trash those that are inappropriate.  But this task has become more and more consuming as the number of spurious comments is increasing.  In the last 24 hours there have been over 1700 comments posted!!!  And I would say that 99% of these were inappropriate!

And so I am taking this option off the board.  I am sorry, because I still would love to interact with readers of the blogs that have legitimate questions or comments.  But I know of no other way to handle this increasing problem.  I will check with my web manager (my son-in-law) to see if there is another way to address this issue.

Please keep reading the gems I post, and apply them to your Christian life.  I will do my best to faithfully keep blogging three times a week.

God bless you all.

Chip Norton

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