To Readers of Gem For Living: April 20, 2020

I have not written a new Gem since April 20, 2018 – exactly two years! The hosting service of this site went down back then and they did not fix it for a couple of months. I ended up going with a new hosting service, and was able to continue…..if I desired. But I decided to edit the 806 Gems already posted and put them in books (100 each) for a possible wider distribution. I am still in the process of Book 1.

But having moved to Georgia to be closer to family, and my wife and I having joined a new church, I was asked to post Gems on the church website for Holy Week. Then our webmaster, our associate pastor, suggested a link on the website to Gems For Living, and I agreed. And this challenged me to begin writing and posting new Gems beginning today.

For six years I posted three Gems a week. But now, because of being so busy with settling into our new Georgia home, and due to the fact it takes me two to six hours to research and write each new Gem, I decided to post two a week, on Monday and Friday as I am able. The days of posting may vary a bit.

So Gems For Living is active again with new and fresh Gems! I hope you can use this website to grow in your Christian faith and avoid some of the pitfalls and potholes I have encountered over the 55 years of my walk with the Lord.

God bless you

Chip Norton